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Our belts are used in many transportation, such as hyundai,KIA, BMW, Rolls_Royce, honda, Acura, peugeot, citroen, benz, jeep, dodge,maybach, daimlerchrysler, smart, Bentley, Lamborghini, Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda,Seat, Bugatti, fiat, ferrari, alfaromeo, maserati, lancia, toyota, lexus, scion, daihatsu, renault, infiniti, nissan, hummer, pontiac, buick, chevrolet, cadillac, suzuki, opel, saab, subaru, saturn, holden, daewoo, MG, rover, volvo, ford, astonmartin, mazda, lincoln,landrover, jaguar, mercury. And aslo belts are very popular with drivers.

Timig belt specification:

C43 22X1175 55ZA13
C56 22X1422 CX39 22X1000 55ZBS13(A206M050)
C58 22X1555 CX50 22X1270 65YU13(A205YU050)
C60 22X1600 CX51 22X1295 69ZA19(A259LO75)
C62 22X1650 CX55 22X1400 70RU16(A262RU16)
C64 22X1700 CX60 22X1525 76ZBS19(A285M075)
C68 22X1800 CX62 22X1575 78RU19
C72 22X1900 CX63 22X1600 83ZA19(A311L075)
C74 22X1880 CX64 22X1625 83ZBS19(A311M075)
C75 22X2000 CX65 22X1650 84ZA19(A315L075)
C79 22X2090 CX67 22X1700 85ZA19
C80 22X2100 CX68 22X1725 86ZA19
C81 22X2120 CX69 22X1750 87ZBS34(A326H34)
C82 22X2165 CX70 22X1775 88ZA19(A330L075)
C83 22X2190 CX71 22X1800 89RU19(A334RU075)
C84 22X2215 CX85 22X2150 89RU25DCL
C85 22X2240 89ZA19(A334LO75)
C86 22X2265 89ZBS19
C88 22X2315 90ZA19
C89 22X2360 91RU19(A341R075)
C90 22X2370 91ZA19(A341L075)
C91 22X2395 92MR25(A345R100)
C92 22X2420 92RU22(A345RU22)
C95 22X2495 92ZA19(A345L075)
C96 22X2520 92ZBS19(A345M075)
C97 22X2465 93MR25(A349R100)
C98 22X2575 93ZA19
C100 22X2620 94MR25(A352R100)
C101 22X2650 94ZA19(A352L075)
C104 22X2660 95RU19(A356RU075)
C105 22X2665 95RU25(A356R100)
C107 22X2800 95ZA19[A356L075]
C110 22X2720 97RU19(364RU075)
C112 22X2765 97RU25(A364R100)
C115 22X3000 97ZA19(A367LO75)
C120 22X3130 97ZA25
C121 22X3075 98RU19(A367RU075)
C124 22X3230 98RU24(A367RU24)
C130 22X3385 98ZA19(A367LO75)
C140 22X3540 99YU19(A312YU075)
C150 22X3890 99ZBS19
C154 22X4000 100Y19(A315Y075)
C165 22X4275 100YU20
C170 22X4400 100YU25(A315YU25)
C173 22X4480 101MR19(A379R075)
C174 22X4500 101MR24(A379R24)
C175 22X4530 101RU30(A379RU30)
C177 22X4575 101YU20(A318YU20)
C180 22X4650 102MR19
C184 22X4750 102RU25(A382RU100)
C185 22X4775 102ZA19(A382L075)
C190 22X4900 103R19(A386R075)
C192 22X4950 103RU22(A386RU22)
C194 22X5000 103RU24(A386RU24)
C200 22X5160 103RU25(A386RU100)
C205 22X5290 103Y16
C208 22X5350 103Y19
C210 22X5420 104MR24(A390RU24)
C215 22X5540 104MR25(A390RU100)
C218 22X5620 104RU17(A390R17)
C220 22X5670 104YU16(A327YU16)
C225 22X5800 104ZA17(A390L017)
C240 22X6175 105MR25(A394R100)
C245 22X6300 105RU22(A394RU22)
C250 22X6430 105S8M25(A331YS100)
C255 22X6550 106MR19(A397RU075)
C260 22X6685 106MR22(A397RU22)
C270 22X6840 106MR24(A397RU24)
C275 22X6975 106YU75
C280 22X7200 106ZA19(A397L075)
C285 22X6810 107MY22(A337YU22)
C290 22X7350 107RU24(A401RU24)
C300 22X7700 107YU16(A337YU16)
C310 22X7965 107YU19(A337YU075)
C325 22X8240 107YU25(A337Y100)
C400 22X10240 108MR22(A405RU22)

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